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Disgraced former Villarreal Player Joins Porto

He’s been banned from Spain for eight years.

Villarreal CF v FK Astana - UEFA Europa League Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

When Ruben Semedo was given a five year prison sentence last week and banned from Spain for eight years, I chose not to write an article about it. Yes, he’s a former Villarreal player, but with the season ending and the manager news happening, frankly I didn’t want to get into the negativity. Semedo has had numerous legal issues. While playing for Villarreal, he brought out a pistol in a bar altercation in Valencia, and more heinously he was later charged for attempted murder in a separate incident.

He was convicted of robbery, assault, kidnapping, and illegal firearm possession.

I’m glad he is no longer owned by Villarreal, and after his sentencing last week I expected his career would be done, but according to Record in Portugal, he is now on the verge of signing for Porto, one of the largest clubs in the entire country.

It’s probably none of my business, but I find this very poor from Porto. I in no way contend that every professional football player should have a spotless record, but when you a man has just been sentenced for violent crimes against other people I just don’t see why anyone would want him in their side. No level of talent justifies the tolerance of hurting people.

Semedo made four league appearances for Villarreal in 2017-2018. He started 27 matches for Olympiacos in Greece this past season, helping them to a title. He’s still just 25 years old. Porto will be in the Champions League next season. If they face a Spanish side, Semedo will not be able to partake in the away leg.