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Financially Broken Barcelona Interested in Pau Torres

Barcelona looks to address defensive woes with Villarreal star

Villarreal CF v SD Eibar SAD - La Liga Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Gerard Romero, of RAC1, has stated that Barcelona are interested in Pau Torres. The horrendously run Catalan club who just recently this year filed an ERTE and have an out of control wage structure for an aging squad that is only held together by the brilliance in Lionel Messi apparently wants to show interest in a player with a 50m release clause. Bring it on.

Manchester City have also been linked with Pau in recent months, but as bad as losing him to anyone would rankle me at least I know that City can actually afford it. Barcelona recently mortaged the promising career of Arthur Melo to acquire a 29 year old Pjanic, otherwise they would not have been able to afford it. The money they spend on wages is incredibly high compared to their revenues. If they come in and leveraged a bunch of debt to take away Pau Torres from us, please excuse the two thousand words of white hot rage that I’ll probably publish soon afterward.

I’m not bothered by the existence of super clubs. There are plenty of clubs that look at Villarreal in a similar way to how Villarreal looks at Barcelona and Real Madrid and their ilk. Bigger clubs feed on smaller clubs, that’s football. Barcelona wildly slinging money all over creation, dooming teams like Leganes to relegation so that they can get one measly goal from a player, buying 100m attacker after 100m attacker, is a level if irresponsibility that I find offensive. Villarreal are a well run club. Our success has required the money of a rich owner, but it has been sustained by largely strong management and by producing young players. Barca can keep their grimy hands off Pau Torres, they don’t deserve them.