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Eibar postgame: Farewell Santi and Bruno. We love you!

A perfect end to a really good season.


The only way the sendoff for Bruno Soriano and Santi Cazorla could have been any better is if fans had been able to fill the stadium to see it. A 4-0 that takes us to 60 points and makes our 5th place position secure, Santi had an assist on the goal that started it all. Calleja gave both men standing ovations- so far as they were possible- bringing them off when the match was secure.

Speaking of Calleja, he got it all perfect today, and if that’s the last time he manages a Villarreal side he left us with a wonderful memory. Things have not always been perfectly smooth under his care but he adjusted brilliantly to the new substitution rules after the break and sent this team charging up the table. Big congrats also to Gerard Moreno, who has certainly locked up the club’s first ever Zarra trophy as the top scoring Spaniard in La Liga.

We will break down this match and this season in many ways over the next few days. There are so many questions, from the manager to the midfield, that will need to be addressed by the club in August, but for now we have a day that reminds us why we support this club, and everyone involved in Yellow was absolutely brilliant.

Bruno Soriano and Santi Cazorla are both inspirational in their ability to battle back from injury and end their careers on their own terms, on the pitch where they belong. They represent an era of unmatchable class from Spanish midfielders, and both have deserved more credit than they have received for years. We have been honored to see them pull on the shirt, and we may buy new players but we can never replace them.