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VUSA Podcast #40: Santi and Bruno bid farewell....but what about Javi Calleja?

Any truth to the Unai Emery rumors?

Villarreal CF v Hercules - Friendly Match Photo by Maria Jose Segovia/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Sidarth and Allen talk about the Eibar match, but most of this podcast is devoted to the coaching question. Will Villarreal keep Javi Calleja? Or go for Unai Emery? What sorts of things does the Villarreal board need to consider, and presumably have already considered?

Part 1 of this podcast (Below talks about these things.

Part 2 continues this discussion (it’s too late at night for me to spend time splicing the parts together into one!!) but also we have an appreciation of Bruno Soriano and Santi Cazorla. As Sid notes, they are the last links to the Pellegrini-Riquelme Villarreal era.

We’ll have another podcast Monday with Robin and Zach so they can give their thoughts on these topics, and by then we may even know whether Sid or I is right about who next year’s coach will be!