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Gross. Villarreal lose to La Real

The chase for Europe continues

Villarreal CF v Real Sociedad - La Liga Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

That wasn’t pretty. Without Iborra’s organizing ball retention at the base of the midfield and with Gerard missing to due to suspension, we just looked lost today. Fer Nino got the start and had a very rough time of it as the only striker in a 433. I don’t think Paco was really fit, otherwise I can’t see why he didn’t get used.

The set piece defending was bad. Sergio Asenjo could have done better on both goals, but more importantly he never should have had to face the chances he did because our man marking in the box was just pathetic on most dead balls. We simply have to be better.

I don’t think I understood a lot of what Calleja did today. I don’t know what Alex got minutes, I don’t understand why when we needed a goal he put on Mario for Ontiveros, I never really saw any organization in attack once Samu came on for Fer.... Was Samu supposed to be a 9? Because he drifted out wide as if he wasn’t. Was Santi supposed to be a false 9? If that were the case I feel confident that Santi has enough discipline to have played it better than that.

It’s almost like, without Iborra and Gerard, Calleja just threw his hands up, tossed some things at the wall, and hoped something stuck. It didn’t.

So, here’s the thing, we still have a goal differential tie breaker over Real Sociedad, and Getafe drew today. We still very much control our own destiny to get to European places. We will get a couple days off as La Liga reshuffles the deck so their season can end neatly with all the teams together, and we better be ready with something better than what we had today.