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Calleja comments on Europe, Bruno, Cazorla, and also the Anguissa transfer

Will we buy Zambo permanently?

Granada CF v Villarreal CF - La Liga Photo by Fermin Rodriguez/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Yesterday, Javi Calleja held a press conference, so let’s go and see what he said about the topics everybody is asking themselves: importance of match against Betis, the current form, Bruno Soriano, Santi Cazorla and Zambo Anguissa.

Let’s start with Betis match, where Calleja gave this reflections:

We have to go mentally into the match like we were playing a final, we have to be prepared to what we are going to find out, as the game will be complicated and we won’t receive anything for showing up. We are facing a great team, that has great players and we need to do our best, if we don’t do it we are going to suffer.

There’s a lot of equality, a lot of talent and both teams want the ball. One of the keys will be who defends better, as we like to have the ball and dominate the match through it and possessions. When you relax in the defensive work, in the vigilance, you pay it. That’s why, defending better than them when you don’t have the ball will be the key

He also had time to admire the work Betis does:

I like seeing them play. They are a team with talent that with the ball can complicate you the match a lot. It’s true the team has not had much luck in front of goal this season, and that’s critical. So not being as accurate there has meant things have not gone so well.

One news item is of course the good form Villarreal is having without having lost a match since we returned from this break, allowing Villarreal to fight the European spots, he said:

I see myself fighting for the European spots, every day is one match less and we are in great form. Now we are going to play Betis and the idea is to win, the idea is sky is the limit. But we also have direct rivals and difficult schedule, so we cannot be overconfident.

We must not forget from where we come from, the obligation to enter Europe have been won during the year and from that, it’s true that we have players, team and fans to aspire to the maximum. Thanks to our merits we are here, because we are doing the right things, constant and because we believe in what we do. The line of work is good, it’s there, the team has gone from the lowest to the highest and the sensations are good.

He also had some words when questioned about Cazorla:

Of course I would like to have him next year in the team, his season so far has been excellent and he’s playing really well, so for us would be a benefit continuing to have him. But he’s the one to make that decission and he will tell us when he’s ready.

When questioned about Bruno getting into the starting line-up:

Bruno has options of being a starter, he’s getting back in form with the minutes played, and every time he plays he’s more in form and doesn’t feel pain, being that our main doubt. He finishes well the matches, so he’s one player more that if he has to start, he will do it and do it well.

Lastly, about Anguissa, he remarked:

He’s a very important player, key [player] who gives us a lot [high performance]. He improves our team in every aspect. He can go against any rival and he’s showing it by the great season he’s doing, so of course I would like him to stay. But he’s on loan with a buy option that we need to think if we can exercise it.