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Villarreal players as Marvel Characters

I apologize in advance.

Jozy Altidore of Villarreal (R) vies wit Photo credit should read HRVOJE POLAN/AFP via Getty Images

So, many of our friends across the SBNation network have been doing Avengers themed articles week, and here at VUSA we’ve already seen Star Wars (owned by Disney), Muppets (owned by Disney), so why the heck not Marvel Cinematic Universe (owned by Disney)?

Here we go, I’m sorry in advance.

Jozy Altidore- War Machine

Really only relevant because he runs with captains of America (or in this case the USMNT). Never really moved the needle.

Manu Trigueros- Hawkeye

Remarkably precise, smooth as silk, never gets enough credit for how cool he is.

Alberto Moreno- Ant-Man

Can come up huge if he’s around, but disappears for vast chunks of the Cinematic Universe (season) and you’re wondering why on earth he’s even on the team.

Samu Chukwueze- Spider-man

Incredible, remarkable talents but you’re following the story to see if he matures enough to step into the shoes of legends who have gone before him.

Diego Forlan- Vision

Incredibly powerful but also holds the key to an enemy (Thanos/Atleti, whatever) having great success.

Juan Pablo Sorin

Thor. The hair, and at some points in his career the beard. Shallow? Maybe. But Am I wrong?

Who else ya got?

What other Avengers/Mashups do you have?

Editor’s Note: Come back later on in the day for a XI of if the Avengers themselves played football.