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VUSA Podcast #34: The Local Angle

Allen and Sid are joined by Alayrach to talk Villarreal and La Liga.

Club Atletico de Madrid v Villarreal CF - La Liga
Our Mr. Underrated, Manu Trigueros!!
Photo by Alejandro Rios/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Allen manages to catch up with Sidarth and Raul (Alayrach on this site) and talk about whether and how the league might start up again, what if it doesn’t, and who really gets to decide.

We also talk about the departure of Pablo Ortells and what that might mean for Villarreal—who will Sr. Roig choose to replace him? And then we get Raul’s perspective on the question we as overseas fans wrestle with—how do we measure success for Villarreal?
Enjoy. There’s a bit of a false start at the beginning but keep going, I did get the recording to work! (Old man syndrome, I can hear Sid saying now). Endavant!