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Villarreal agrees to allow Levante use the Ciudad Deportiva

Helping out a neighbor during these stressful times.

Villarreal CF

Levante has asked Villarreal to use the Mini Estadi to play the remaining matches of the league, which Villarreal has decided to allow it. Now it’s the decision of La Liga as to whether or not it will be allowed.. Ciutat de Valencia (Levante’s home ground) is being renovated, so they wouldn’t be able to use it for the rest of the season.

The field of the Mini Estadi has the dimensions as the Cerámica one, with the same quality of grass. Villarreal does use this facility for training and pre-game functions, so this would have to be altered to accommodate Levante. It’s also worth asking why they are not using the Ciudad Deportiva de Buñol which they own. If they get a no from the LFP, one wonders what they will do. Castalia is a field which could also be used, but don’t know if Levante is considering it or if Castellón would agree to it. I imagine the other Ciudad Deportiva of Villarreal, known as Ciudad Deportiva Pamesa and used by CD Roda, is not on the table.

Nevertheless, it’s nice to see how the teams, while they have a sporting rivalry, work together during a time of crisis off the pitch, and don’t have a problem to help the other. I imagine it would be difficult for Levante to travel all the way to Vila-real for matches, but if this is their best option, I hope La Liga approves it. After all, they have allowed Real Madrid to play in a training facility, and there will be no fans present anyway, there should be no problems.