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Villarreal match-fixing update

It’s almost like they didn’t have any solid facts.

Villarreal CF v Getafe CF - La Liga Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images


I gotta be honest, I was so busy this weekend I didn’t spend much time in Twitter or the general news cycle, so I expected to come in to Monday morning with some kind new bombshell. After all, Friday Marca was releasing transcripts, naming names, and implying all sorts of unsavory dealings by our boys in yellow (nevermind that they couldn’t even get the facts of the game right in their article). We’ve seen in past breaking soccer news story, such as Der Spiegel leaks, that when one piece of information gets leaked it is usually just one piece of a long chain we see over the ensuing days. There’s not much football going on, no Spanish football at all, and you would think a match fixing story is about as big as it would get.

Yet, nothing. A few articles strewn around the web saying the exact same thing, that Villarreal and Getafe deny allegations, but no new infomation. I even checked Marca’s English language page and they’ve made no attempt whatsoever to back up or futher substantiate their story from Friday, instead we see a lot of the usual transfer puff pieces and a thing or two about the Bundesliga and of course mindless fawning over Real Madrid that paper always does.

I may be wrong, and I may regret saying this in a few weeks, but I think thing went dead silent after that initial article becaue they don’t have anything. It was a Friday, things were slow, they wanted attention right before the Bundesliga came back so they ran a flimsy story and cast aspersions on Villarreal in the process. It’s really irritating, but it would fit their modus operandi. You don’t question the integrity of a club or its players in the public eye without really hard evidence... or at least, you don’t if you have any shred of self-respect. Shame on MARCA and the other outlets that published this story as if they had real facts behind it when they don’t.