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VUSA Roundtable: Favorite non-Villarreal kits

There are some deep cuts here.

AS Photo Archive Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images


I’m just going to choose from the ones I have, so I’ll pick the 2010 world cup Uruguay shirt. Also a Puma effort, and what makes it nice is it has a classic look but the stars on the fabric and the collar are really nice. I always enjoy wearing it, and so far I can still fit into it!!


There are so many that I’d need a whole day to choose one. I’m more into stripes for the shirts, so I’m a big fan of the MTK Budapest blue with a white stripe, also love the combination of red and blue for a shirt (Barcelona, Steaua Bucuresti, San Lorenzo) while sometimes I’m also drawn towards white and black (Juventus, Astra Giurgi this season). I’d also add the 2017/18 away of Lazio and the shirt worn by Daco-Getica (at that time Juventus Bucuresti) which was white with a crossed strip of black kinda like Rayo Vallecano and River Plate, pity they didn’t have a store.

MTK Budapest


The 2018-2019 Italy Puma football shirt is my favorite kit outside Villarreal. It’s not particularly iconic or that they won anything. I think it combines my love of Chelsea and Villarreal in one style. The Blue of Chelsea until 2004 and the 2010/11 kit of Villarreal. I have always enjoyed watching Italy play at world cups and must admit they are my second team to support in world cup. I think this shirt was the end of an era of those brilliant Italian players like Pirlo, Buffon who gave all the Italian passion into their football. I think its generally a beautiful kit. From an ancestry DNA kit I have found out I have a bit of Italian in my DNA I bought the kit as a bit of a joke to myself and I love it.


Boy we’ve had a lot of blue, today. I thought about doing what Allen did but instead I want to choose a different shirt from a specific club other than the one I own. This was the second shirt effort of Lowcountry United, a fourth tier club here in the United States in Charleston, SC and winners of the 2018 UPSL Mid-Atlantic Division. First of all, its from a niche kitmaker, INARIA (who currently makes the kit for New York Cosmos). Second, I absolutely love the silhouette of the iconic city of Charleston on this thing (as well as the Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge on the crest). Lowcountry has since suspended first team operations which is an absolute shame because for a couple years there they were a wonderful example of what lower division soccer having its own identity is all about.

How did we do?

What are some of your favorite non-Villarreal kits?