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VUSA Roundtable: The ugliest kits Villarreal ever had...


Villarreal’s Giuseppe Rossi (L) dribbles Photo credit should read VINCENT JANNINK/AFP via Getty Images

Yesterday we talked about the good, today, we get the bad and the ugly. Some of these things are absolutely horrific, and remind me of that line of commentary from the old NBA Jam video games where he goes “MOTHERS COVER YOUR CHILDREN’S EYES”. So, we’re really sorry you have to see this, just as we were all sorry when these shirts were on the pitch.


Some of the shirts from the 1990’s are awful just because they’re so plain and baggy. The Kelme one with the club logo in the middle of the shirt is pretty bad. But the Xtep shirts from the 2011-13 period are probably the worst for me just because they are so uninteresting—particularly when we didn’t even have a short sponsor!


The third kit of this season will be my call.


I’d have to say the pink 2018/19 Joma kit. I am a massive fan of the Joma kits in general. I think they have everything right in terms of material and playing in the hot weather in Spain. Pink was a very strange choice I though. I can’t really see any link to Villarreal apart from the various charities we support which is obviously a great reason. Maybe it is like the orange goal keepers it if you see a massive pink blob coming at you out your corner of your eyes you will freeze.


I strongly disagree with Allen’s selection. I think kits without a sponsor are a blessing and I would go with ‘clean’ instead of ‘boring’ for the era he was talking about. Raul and Robin’s choices are ugly enough that they almost make me rethink my own, but I guess I’m just very pro Joma at this moment because one of our away kits from this season just got delivered to my house and its absolutely brilliant. The worst for me is this effort from Kelme. I can scarcely even put into words how much I hate it. It looks like a cheap American football jersey, honestly.

So, how did we do?

What’s the ugliest shirt our beloved club has ever worn?