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VUSA Roundtable: Best Shirt Villarreal Ever Had

We’re talking our favorite shirts ever.

LFP World Challenge 2014 - Spanish soccer team Valencia CF have signed a long-term kit supply and distribution deal with Photo by Victor Fraile/Corbis via Getty Images

There are philosophical questions to be asked when you are grading the best kit in a club’s history. Does a shirt have to be yellow for it to be ‘the best’? (I would emphatically say no). How much does the look of the sponsor logo on the front impact things? Do you like clean and classic or are there period specific designs that hit you with powerful nostalgia? Is the crest placement important? We’ll see what our writers picked below:

Allen and Robin

Allen: I would say 2010-11 home shirt, since it had the Comunitat Valenciana palm tree on the back, the Castellon Airport logo on the front, and was a really nice effort from Puma (their last one). The fabric has a lot of complexity to it. (I’ll try to send you a photo so you can see what I mean).

Second would be 2017-2018—it’s really well done and the sponsor name in yellow and yellow sleeve trim gives it a nice presence. I also liked the red shirt we had as a change kit a few years back—it was really scarlet more than red—and it had yellow lettering too, but it used that hideous font for numbers and names, so….ugh.

Robin: For me I would say the 2010/11 kit. It was beautifully simple. Puma is very iconic and a established company. It didn’t have unnecessary stripes or lines to distract the attention that we only play in Yellow. It was the first Villarreal shirt I ever owned and most treasured. I played in it a few times it was beautifully cool in the summer. I also loved the away kit for that year. Black and yellow very Dortmundesk and in its own right a very iconic shirt. For me it is particularly beautiful kit as I was lucky enough get it signed and met all the players. Just in general I think it is a beautiful kit and as much as I like the Joma ones it would be nice to see a puma kit again.


2000-01 season the Terra Mitica of Villarreal


I’ve already done a top five kits since 2000, and so if you read that you’ll know that I chose the 2017-2018 away kit. To me, the home yellows always have a sense of expectation. There are elements you just have to have that you can’t budge from. And that’s fine; we’ve had some really nice home kits over the years, but at the end of the day how many yellow shirts do you really need to own? The second and third kits are where things can get unique, stand out historically. My most recent kit purchase was this season’s green away shirt and I love it. A kit collection should be multi-colored and imaginative, so to me the kits I tend to gravitate to are the ones with colors we may not see again for five, ten years or more.

So, what kit do you love?

Share your favorite Villarreal kit in the comments.