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Villarreal USA Roundtable: Favorite Football Goals

Because we all need footy highlights.

UEFA Champions League: Villarreal v Inter Milan Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images

So, for today I asked the guys about their favorite goals ever. I left it open to any club, anywhere, but as you would expect the majority went with Yellow Sub exploits anyway. It’s been too long since we’ve had new goals to celebrate, so I hope you all enjoy and share your favorite goals with us in the comments below.


Arruabarruena’s for Villarreal against Inter Milan would be up there, but I am going to go with…. Pablo Fornals, January 13, 2018, the goal that gave us our first-ever win in the Bernabeu. Champagne never tasted so good.

Made up for when my niece and her husband saw Villarreal play there and we didn’t do so well (I think that was the 3-0 loss in April 2016). They did get to see Toni Kroos take a lot of corner kicks from right in front of them though…


Man, this is a difficult question to answer. I’ve seen many fantastic goals, whether thanks to research or watching a game, like Mágico González against Barcelona in 1984 (or Racing in 1986, or Valencia), Maradona against England (1986), Messi against Getafe (2005) or Romario against Real Madrid (1994) to name a few. Ronaldinho against Sevilla in a match that was played at midnight in 2003 for how stunning and unexpected that was, same can be said from Zidane’s goal at the Champions League final in 2002, and another one I was surprised for how it happened as Sonny Anderson scored from an assist of Reina, Iniesta against Netherlands, more from the sentimental, but I think I’m going to pick Rivaldo’s bicycle kick goal against Valencia in the last jornada of the 2000/2001 season. Last minute goal that got Barcelona to Champions League, and truly a beauty to look at.


Very difficult I’d say Vietto’s goal against Atletico 14th December 2014. The way he turned Godin one of the top defenders and just curled it in. There’s something very satisfying about beating Atletico at home especially as they love stealing our best players. I am a defender at heart.


This one is easy — ARRUABARRENA!


In the United States, in the state of North Carolina, where I live, there is a rivalry between the two main cities Raleigh and Charlotte. Raleigh is where I grew up. This rivalry extends to a second division soccer rivalry between North Carolina FC and Charlotte Independence, who each play just outside of one of those cities. August 25th, 2018, I was there in the stands, in the end the goal was scored on, and had a perfect view. The Dead Whales (story for another time) of NCFC were down 1-0 in the second half when a cross gets lobbed into Zach Steinberger, who was making his NCFC debut. Steinbanger (as he was called after this) puts in a header that is incredibly saved at point blank range, then has the presence of mine to volley his own rebound out of the air and into the back of the net. I’ve never seen a goal break an opponents spirit as bad as that one, as NCFC ran out 6-2 winners from that point on the day.

So there you have it..

What is your favorite football goal of all time?