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VUSA Podcast #32: Allen, Zach and Sid return!

Part 3 of our long discussion about Villarreal and comparable clubs, among other things.

Deportivo v Villarreal
Recognize this guy? Vs. Depor in 2004
Photo by Firo Foto/Getty Images

We couldn’t get it together last weekend (sorry about that) but hopefully we’ve made up for it with a bumper podcast this time. Allen is joined by Sid and Zach—we mostly focus on our roster compared to Valencia’s and Sevilla’s, and why we are behind both those clubs, and get into the whole youth promotion/bringing players through the cantera thing as well.

We start off with trying to figure out how and when the season will restart—we’re hopeful it will, but....

Anyway, we enjoyed this, and if you think I was basically just trying to sit back and referee the exchange between Sid and Zach at times, wait until you hear the next podcast.....!!

Enjoy and Endavant Villlarreal, when we can!!