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Villarreal USA Roundtable: Should We Sign Zambo Anguissa Permanently?

Is he a midfielder we need next season?

Mirandes v Villarreal - Copa del Rey: Quarter Final Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

It was rather universally agreed in our last roundtable that we need a defensive midfielder. The implication of that, I think, is the conclusion that Zambo Anguissa is not a good fit for that role. With the buy option currently set at 25m, is this a player we should sign permanently? We asked our writers to find out.


I like Zambo, but would I sign him? If I thought Calleja would use him, yes. But I just don’t see him getting a lot of playing time. If we could get him on loan again, sure, but otherwise, I would rather use the money for a CB or two and a more defensive midfielder.


Yes, he should stay, and buy another midfielder for partnering with him.


No price we can afford in this world environment. He’s caviar when we need milk and bread.


Depends on whether or not Fulham get promoted. They are third in the Championship right now. If they get promoted they’ll want to use Zambo unless they get his full 25m fee. If they don’t get promoted, maybe they want another loan for him or want to just get what they can, who knows. For 25m, Zambo is a good deal for teams that operate with English Premier League money. We don’t. We need a six, Zambo is a (splendid) 8, and unless that fee gets at least halved there’s just no way we can pay to have him permanently.

How did we do?

Would you like to see Anguissa here permanently? Why or why not?