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VUSA Podcast #30: Allen, Sid and Zach are missing Villarreal...

...but are frustrated about our season to date.

Hopefully more of this in Monsk--celebrating a Villarreal goal
This. We miss this.
Maria José Segovia

SIdarth, Zach and I are all missing football, that’s for sure. Especially Villarreal football. And especially Villarreal football that has us in the European spots. Why are we looking more like a midtable team in terms of results, but an upper-level team in terms of talent? Is it coaching? Is it the makeup of the roster? Whatever happened to that idea to bring in a ‘sporting director’ type to oversee transfers? And what about developing our young players—how are we doing at that? Suffice it to say we’re all stir-crazy, we’re all frustrated, but we did enjoy talking about these topics together.

Endavant Villarreal! We miss football.