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Javier Calleja: Top 6 Maestro Or Happy Go Lucky?

What do we make of our manager?

Club Atletico de Madrid v Villarreal CF - La Liga
Savior or flyer?
Photo by Diego Souto/ Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Should I stay or should I go now?

After the crushing defeat against Bilbao which certainly involved some very strange VAR/ Referee decisions, Calleja out tweets were awash over Twitter. Some feel it was Calleja’s fault some feel it was the controversial VAR decisions.

Managers always have a hit or miss relationship with the fans, this is exactly the case with Calleja. When clubs are losing fans jump on a manager’s back and when they are winning its down to the team. Such is the fickleness of football fans.

Bilbao have always been tough opposition physical and determined. The game was very much scrappy and undignified. Against a side like that 4-4-2 is the only way to secure the balance between attack and defence. Villarreal’s formation on that day was pretty much what most managers would have chosen.

Villarreal’s position in the league? Rise or Fall

It seems somewhat harsh to blame Calleja for both of the previous defeats. Aletico were simply the better side and Bilbao had all the luck. Yes at times he has left fans scratching heads on formations. His subs have been questionable and sometimes it seems he has been riding his luck. In his defence arguably the season looks polar opposite to the previous season. Villarreal are still in the running for 4th place and a European place. Prior to the 2 previous defeats the Yellow submarine could actually been 4th. Saying that to Calleja sceptics at the start of the season they would have laughed at you.

His signings and decisions in the transfer market may be the reason for this rise. He made all the right signings trusting in the youth in Moi and Pau Torres. Zambo has strengthened the midfield while becoming crucial and Paco still needs to adapt up top. He hasn’t been afraid to drop players who haven’t fitted his system whether the fan base agree or not.

End of the season

On many of the podcasts we debated what would happen at the end of the season with Calleja. Its hard to see any of the current managers that are free making a massive amount of difference. Gone are the days of Villarreal coming second in La Liga. Villarreal have been in and out of the Champions and Europa League long before before Calleja’s reign. Love or hate him this season so far has arguably been his biggest success. At the end of the season, we will need your comments to reflect on his reign. Let us know below what you think and we will reflect on one of our many podcasts.