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What’s the best Villarreal CF shirt since 2000?

In case you need a distraction today.

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Diego Forlan Photo : Frey / Icon Sport via Getty Images

To see a more complete list of shirts for Villarreal CF since 2000-2001, you can follow this link here. I’m gonna give you my five favorites, feel free to rake me over the coals for my terrible taste. Locked into our homes, starved of football, trying not to have anxiety over a virus that we probably don’t understand as well as we think we do, let’s talk football shirts:

Number 5: 2002-2003 Home

This is really going to boil down to two things: do you like collars on football shirts and do you like the central logo? I personally love both, and that puts this kit on the list for me.

4. 2011-2012 Home

2011-2012 was probably our best overall year for kits. This one and the blue away shirt are so clean, so crisp, I like having no sponsor on thee front, I like the vibrance of the colors. If I were only going to own two kits it would be those two because they are the platonic ideal of what a Villarreal kit ought to look like. There are individual shirts that are more brilliant and really liven up a shirt collection, but the 2011-2012 kits will never go out of style because they are so simplistically brilliant.

3. 2007-2008 Away

We’ve had a few black kits over the years but I don’t like the crest repeatedly printed on the 2010-2011 shirt, I don’t like the blue/black combination on the 2005-2006 shirt, and I think the yellow trim makes this feel more ‘Villarreal’ than the white trimmed 2006-2007 shirt. While I like the Joma kits we’ve had the past few years, Puma is still in my eyes the best overall kit manufacturer we’ve ever had.

2. 2011-2012 Away

We talked about it above, but just look at this thing. I love the simplicity, I love the bright colors that just scream ‘Villarreal’. The manufacturer here is ‘Xtep’ as you’ll remember, who if you know you NBA trivia at one time sponsored Jeremy Lin of that league’s ‘Linsanity’ fame.

And the winner is: 2017-2018 Away

Just look at it. I love the stripes, I’ve always loved how the Parmesa Ceramica logo fits on the shirts, I love the shade of red. This shirt is modern but timeless. Xtep gave us a red shirt in 2014-2015 but for me it lacked the elegance that this one provides. It’s far and away my favorite CVF shirt in the 2000s.

So, how bad did I do?

Give me your thoughts, which kits did you love, which did you hate? What would your perfect Villarreal shirt look like? Fill us in below in the comment section.