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Villarreal USA Podcast #29: With Ian from Celta USA

Villarreal v Celta De Vigo - La Liga Photo by Maria Jose Segovia/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Zach and I touch base with Ian Morris of Celta USA—Ian, like me, is a native Tennessean but unlike me now lives in Spain—in his case, in sunny (well, not often) Vigo!

Celta Vigo, like Villarreal, compete with limited financial resources compared to the big boys; we talk about that, what sort of change could come about (and if it should) and also compare Spain’s Primera—Segunda relationship to the EPL—Championship arrangement, where huge parachute payments to relegated teams make everyone gamble on promotion by spending big.

And of course we do spend a bit of time talking about what life is like in Vigo right now. (unfortunately, we finished recording this just before the evening protest where everyone comes out onto their balcony and bangs pots and pans—Ian said it had to do with the “dirty money” the ex-Spanish king Juan Carlos has been found to have in offshore accounts.

At any rate, enjoy the chat!