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How to watch Villarreal during COVID 19 Isolation

Villarreal CF

I am so starved of sports that I watched at least two marble races yesterday complete with commentary. With that as my current status as I try to sit out these COVID 19 protocols, I was extremely relieved to find out that Villarreal has a team competing in a FIFA 20 tournament featuring teams from clubs in three different countries.

Villarreal, Levante, US Sassuolo, Valencia CF, UC Sampdoria, Real Zaragoza, SD Huesca, Bologna FC, Parma and Hashtag United are all participating in the event. You can stream the entire event on Twitch here.

Here is our schedule for the event, all times EST.

  • Wednesday, 3:15pm EST: Bologna FC vs Villarreal CF
  • Wednesday, 3:45pm EST: Parma vs Villarreal CF
  • Wednesday, 4:15pm EST: Villarreal CF vs Hashtag United
  • Wednesday, 4:45pm EST: Villarreal CF vs SD Huesca
  • Friday, 3:15pm EST: Villarreal CF vs Bologna FC
  • Friday, 3:45pm EST: Villarreal CF vs Parma
  • Friday, 4:15pm EST: Hashtag United vs Villarreal CF
  • Friday, 4:45pm EST: SD Huesca vs Villarreal CF

Villarreal has an official eSports team, and Klose and Ralfitita will be the two men representing us. I have always enjoyed video games, especially FIFA, but I’ll be honest, historically I have not been but so keen on watching other people play them. Usually watching other people play means I’m ‘waiting my turn’. That said, in times like this with no live sports going on, I’ll happily tune into to any sort of legal competition someone is willing to stream into my living room, so here we are.

In related news, Spanish media personality Ibai is creating a 20 team La Liga tournament on FIFA20 featuring one player from each team, and Manu Morlanes will be our representative: