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Now looking likely La Liga will be suspended

AND—Copa del Rey final has been postponed

Athletic Club v Villarreal CF - La Liga
See that patch on the ref’s shirt?
Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Emergency meetings are now going on between La Liga, the Spanish FA, and the Spanish footballers’ union. The union came out yesterday in favor of suspending the league for a couple of weeks; the RFEF is now supporting that stance as well.

Since the RFEF is the body that supplies the referees to La Liga, and the league really doesn’t want to get into a standoff with its players, all expectations are that the next two weeks of matches will be postponed.

At this point, the plan would be to fit those matches in during midweeks so that the league can end as scheduled; whether that happens or not depends on how successful the novel coronavirus is being contained.

BREAKING NEWS—the Copa del Rey final, scheduled for April 18, has been postponed.