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Villarreal B and Cantera Roundup

Transfer updates and scores from the end of January.

Villarreal B remains undefeated in 2020 after a resounding 4-1 win this past Saturday. They are now just one point out of a promotion playoff position. In addition to their results, the official Villarreal website published a summary of their transfer dealings from this past window:

Villarreal B winter transfer movements: Signings: Rafa Mújica and Javi Fernández. Promoted from Villarreal C: Álex Baena and Diego Collado. Sold: Dani Villa and Fran Álvarez. Departed on loan: Carlos Beitia. Promoted to first team: Sofian Chakla.

Mújica is a winger on loan from Leeds, Fernandez from Real Oviedo. Baena is an attacking midfielder and Collado is a Center Forward. That of course leaves the C team down two forwards with Fer Niño also leaving C as he catapulted to notoriety with the A team. Mújica and Callado each scored a goal in our last win.

It looks like the club sees the chance for the B team to get promoted to Segunda and is throwing some weight into trying to make that happen. If things get really tight towards the end I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see Fer run with them a bit.

In other cantera news, Yeremi Pino and Aitor Gelardo won the Copa del Atlantico with Spain’s U18s. In all, it was a little more of a mixed bag in terms of mini-sub results than usual, as only twelve cantera teams posted wins. The largest margin of victory of the weekend went to the Benjamin F squad with a 7-2 win over CD Moreres and Femenino B with a 5-0 win over CD Ciudad de Murcia.

Keep up the good work, all our teams, and Endavant!