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Villarreal’s EDI Side to Compete in La Liga Promises

Good luck Yellow Sub!

Villarreal CF

The intellectually disabled (EDI) side for Villarreal is competing in the second phase of the La Liga Promises tournament this weekend. They travel to Sevilla today to prepare for the competition. The main team website covered the team here, calling the tournament the “the most socially responsible, integrative and pioneering competition in the world”. Real Betis and Sevilla are hosting this round of the tournament and we will be facing Las Palmas and Deportivo La Coruna this Saturday.

First, I want to point out how impressed I am that so many large and influential Spanish football clubs are willing to take part in something like this. Football is for everyone, and I cannot think of a better way of showing that than tournaments like this. Eighteen teams have made it to this second phase of the tournament.

Second, here at Villarreal USA it’s very important to us to cover all of the aspects of Villarreal CF. That’s why we give score updates on the entire cantera and that’s why we look forward to tracking the EDI side’s progress in this tournament. What makes a football club isn’t just the men’s first team, it’s every competitor from the youngest child to the highest paid star, and the supporters who back them every week.

The third phase of this tournament, should we progress, will have a maritime feel as it takes place in Las Palmas and Gijon, with the final being contested in Bilbao. It’s an eight a side tournament that plays matches of four ten minute quarters. Points are not only rewarded by results but also sporting behaviour and fair play from players, coaches, and fans. We know they will represent us well and we look forward to cheering them on. Endavant Villarreal!