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Cantera Update: B lose first match of 2020

Our run couldn’t last forever.

Villarreal CF

We all knew that it was unlikely that Villarreal B would go the rest of 2020 undefeated. The loss finally came, against CD Ebro. Ebro is 12th in the group 3 table and frankly, this is a game we absolutely should not have lost. The bad result leaves us in fifth in the group table, amidst a crowded top tier of clubs where five of us are within three points of first. Getting out of the third tier is notoriously difficult to get out of.

Even if we win our group we’ll need to win a playoff match to get promoted, and if we finish 2-4 we’ll be looking at two legged playoffs against other teams from our own group then more playoffs against the winners of other players (and the losers from among the group winners). It’s a shame that the first team’s misfortunes so many years ago put them in this situation, but our best chance of getting out by far is winning our own group.

It was a bad weekend for cantera teams all the way around. Normally we have more than fifteen wins to report, this week we only have seven. So here they are, the seven Villarreal sides who pulled out wins this weekend:

Juvenil A 3-2 Elche

Cadete A 8-0 Gandia

Infantil A 4-0 Gandia

Alevin F 6-2 Olimpic

Benjamin E 2-1 Rafalafena

Femenino Inf/Cad 3-0 Castellon

Femenino F8 7-0 Castellon

Congratulations to Cadete A for having the biggest win of the week and for goodness sake let’s hope we get more wins next week!