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Cantera grogueta update: Villarreal B beats Andorra

Promotion is becoming a real possibility.

Villarreal CF

In a very difficult match, Villarreal B got a great win against FC Andorra with a 2-1 win with goals of Mújica and Lozano in a match which is full to see on Youtube. With this win, Villarreal B continues with their great form and aspires to get a hand on a promotion play-off spot to achieve the awaited return to Segunda. Villarreal C also got a win against Silla CF by 0-1 and they are now at one point for the 4th position and therefore playing the promotion play-off too.

In other cantera news, the F11 (Juvenil to Infantil) sides recorded 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss with the biggest margin being Infantil B against At. Burriana-Salesianos with a 8-1. Juvenil A continues leader of his league while the rest can vary their position on the standings. The F8 (Alevin to Prebenjamin) recorded 14 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses with the Prebenjamin B winning by 19-1 to CF Benicarlo FB C in a pretty one-sided affair. As a bit of trivia, two of the four losses from F8 have been against teams from the same club, CFB Nuevo Burriana.

Also, this week, some Villarreal Women’s players (Lucia Romero with the U15 and Vera Rico, Natalia Centelles, Thais Martinez and Irene Miguelez for the U17) have participated with the Autonomic side (Valencian Community) in the National Championship second phase with the U17 and U15. Both sides were eliminated, with Vera Rico scoring at the last match of U17 (first goal of a 2-2 draw against Galicia) and Lucia Romero without luck on the scoring side for the U15.

That’s all for this week. Endavant Villarreal!