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VUSA Podcast #25: What Statistical Analysis Tells Us About Villarreal

Zach discusses Villarreal’s statistical performance and what insights stats bring to our understanding of this season.

Levante UD v Villarreal CF - La Liga Photo by Get Ready Images/MB Media/Getty Images

This podcast is actually part one of a two-part discussion about Villarreal’s strategy and tactics—in this one we focus on the team statistics and what they can tell us about Villarreal’s strengths and weaknesses as well as style of play; where can we improve? what things are we doing well? Allen is joined by Zach to discuss predictive statistics and what they tell us about Villarreal.

I would encourage you, if you can, to listen to this before we take on Levante tomorrow—you may find yourself looking at the match in a slightly different way. And yes, as Mark Twain observed * (he was quoting someone, though), there are “lies, damned lies, and statistics”, but I think if you’ve seen a lot of Villarreal this season you’ll agree that most of what Zach presents here passes the “eye test”.

Next week part two of this podcast will focus on our personnel and formations. Zach will also be publishing an article on the blog presenting some of the statistics he cited here in more detail.

* Full disclosure: I live in Calaveras County (yes, the Celebrated Jumping Frog and all that) and Mark Twain is practically our patron saint. I’m delighted to finally work a Twain reference into this blog!