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Cantera Grogueta Update: Villarreal B beat Barcelona B

B team still undefeated in 2020!

In a match with five first half goals, Villarreal B knocked off Barcelona B 3-2. We become the first side to beat Barca B at the Johan Cruyff stadium this season and the win moves us up to third in the table, two points off the top spot. We may not remain undefeated for the rest of the season, but this current run of form has me seriously thinking about promotion to the Segunda division. If we can gain that promotion it completely changes the complexion of whether young players like Fer Niño (who played with B in this game) should be loaned out or kept in house. For the full match highlights, check out the link below (And give the Cantera Twitter page a follow!)

In other Cantera news, twenty Villarreal sides won this weekend, which is wonderful. Alevin A and C each won 7-0, which is great, but the biggest win of the weekend goes to Femenino F8 who crashed in 11 for to only one against vs Biensa CF.

As this season winds its way towards the final stretch, the biggest remaining questions are rather straight forward. Will the men’s first team qualify for European competition? Will the women’s first team gain promotion to the top flight? Where will the B team be playing its football next season?

Hopefully, we’ll get a ‘yes’ on all three fronts. I become more convinced each week that Villarreal has one of the best top to bottom programs of any club in Europe, and rising tides lift all ships. What’s good for the B team and Women’s side helps the men’s first team, what’s good for the men’s first team provides revenue for the youth setup.