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Villarreal B: In Miguel We Trust - Nov 2020

Two draws and one win for the month, five games in a row without a loss...


After the international break, MA’s team played 3 games in 8 days. The young and immature team faced intense schedule for the first time since pandemic, but managed to sustain the unbeaten run for 5 consecutive games so far, after losing the very first game of this season.


Esmo scored another goal, another penalty, and another equalizer in his debut season with Villarreal B. At the 88 minute of the game against Atzeneta, a humble team managed by the great Albelda, Esmo was knocked down in the box and then delivered the ball from the penalty spot into the net, 1 point added at the last moment. The young left back has found his way following his elder brother to be a regular starter. But to my surprise, he was then benched for the two home games against Alcoyano and Mestalla. Of course, Edu repaid MA’s trust with good performance especially in the defence end. It seems that the competition between the two will go on, which would be what MA’s willing to see.

Ros and Lanchi have got their chances in rotation. However, Lanchi didn’t delivered his best in both ends, I think, especially compared to his teammate Maxi and his rivalry Jesus Vazquez, the 17 years old left handed deemed as the next Gaya. But fortunately Lanchi is still young (19) and can gain more experience between Segunda B and Tercera. We’ll see what will happen.


5 goals in 3 games, compared to the first three games, that’s some improvement in attacking third. But that’s not enough. Except for the penalty from Esmo and the own goal caused by Hassan against Mestalla, I shall say that the only improvement was actually Millan’s return. The Bear roared into Alcoyano’s penalty area with pure strength and speed, and transformed Narro’s through ball to a marvelous goal. In the second half, he showed his power again, in the air this time, and scored a strong header. I’m not saying that Ahn’s goal was not good enough. Actually that volley ball was even more spectacular than Millan’s sprint. But it’s the individual performance which brought a win to the team, not the attacking system. Imagining if Millan was closely marked as Mestalla did, the result would be some different. Considering that Mestalla is currently positioned in relegation zone, the issue would be more serious against other opponents if other players couldn’t contribute more. But the good thing was that Narro and Carlo have finished their jobs well recently, also Hassan was better and better on MA’s hand, coming from the second half as regular strategy.

Final note

In December, there will be only two games before the winter break. The two opponents, Hercules and Orihuela, are both 2 points ahead of Villarreal B. With good luck, we might see the team into the play-off zone by the end of year. But more importantly, let’s hope every one keep healthy, and the pandemic could stay away from 2021. Endavant!



J4 - Atzeneta 1-1 Vil B

J5 - Vil B 3-0 Alcoyano

J6 - Vil B 1-1 Mestalla

Top Player

Goal - 2: Millan, Esmo (2p); 1: Collado; Aguero; Ahn

Assist - 1: Hassan, Narro, Edu