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Villarreal femenino: big win in the derby to claim the three points

Sara Monforte’s side defeats CF Joventut Almassora

Villarreal played last Saturday a derby match against Joventut Almassora that saw them victorious. As per usual when playing at home, the info is scarce, so the few things known are thanks to the rival, Joventut Almassora.

Assumed formation

The early minutes were a bit of getting the feeling of the match, with Villarreal having a bit more of dominance through it. At the 30th minute, a great free kick taken by Sara Medina gave the early lead to the groguetes. Joventut tried to answer it, but their chances went wide. Their best chance was in a free kick of Iris, last season a player of Villarreal, that sent the ball to the crossbar and nobody managed to tap in the loose ball after that. With this lead, Villarreal went to halftime winning. At the 58th, Sheila Guijarro made a shot outside the box to put the 2-0 at the scoreboard. This goal made them the dominant force with Joventut not being able to answer it. Near the end of the match, Bea Prades scored on a counter attack to put the definitive 3-0.

With this three points, Villarreal claim back the top spot, and even though Salma didn’t score, she mantains the lead at the scorers list while the goal, Sheila gets up to second position. Next match is against Albacete this weekend in what can be a great match.

Villarrreal B

Villarreal B had a really hard match against Mislata that ended 5-4 in favor of the Valencian team. Don’t let the scoreboard fool you, Villarreal was losing 4-1 at halftime with four consecutive goals of Mislata. Both Vera RIco and Natalia Centelles scored a brace in a match were Grace Lueken (other reports say Leuken is her last name) was the star scoring a hat-trick and being one of the more dangerous players.

Villarreal keeps their positioning at 6th, six points behind joint-leaders Mislata and CFF Albacete. So far, they look to be aiming to that part of the table, without having the same troubles of last season. Vera scored again and now at 7 goals, she’s the 4th in the list that Grace Lueken and Carlota Ursua, hat-trick and brace respectively in the last match, are leading after the Mislata vs Villarreal B match. Next match is against Marítim, a team that occupies relegation spots and will be aming to get out of them

Villarreal C

Villarreal C had a really bad week. Last Wednesday, they lost against Rafelbunyol 1-2 with an own-goal, a team that looks to avoid relegation. Next, come the Saturday where they visited Elche B and lost by a wide margin, a 7-1 lose. So far, looks like Villarreal C aim for the season will be to avoid releagation, being only two points above the relegation spots. This week, they will recover a postponed match this Saturday against Mislata B in a hard match were Villarreal will need the three points