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Q and A with Osasuna Fan El Rojilo

Bottom ranked Osasuna take on Villarreal this weekend.

UD Tomares v CA Osasuna - Spanish Cup Copa Del Rey Photo by Jose Luis Contreras/DAX Images/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Editor’s note: These Q and A’s with fans of clubs outside of the traditional three powerhouses in Spain are some of my favorite things that we do here at Villarreal USA. I love learning new things about these clubs and seeing them from the perspective of the people who love them. Today, we are joined by Aedan, who you can follow on Twitter @FanOsasuna.

What makes Osasuna a special club?

Osasuna is a special club because its not just that. Its community its a family it represents a city this was especially true when Osasuna created the ‘San Fermin’ shirt in the summer in honor of the festival being cancelled.

Osasuna is currently struggling at the bottom of La Liga, but it wouldn’t take many results to get to safety. What needs to change at the club to ensure they stay in La Liga?

I feel the club is very capable of staying up for another year at least but I feel the forwards need to be scoring more with the limited chances they have I feel that the lack of goal had hurt us a lot this season.

Editor’s note: Osasuna actually attempts almost exactly the same number of shots per 90 as Villarreal, the 12th most in the league. They have six fewer goals than we do. The reason for this is that in terms of xG they rank 17th, whereas we rank 5th. Same general number of chances, but ours are closer to the goal and higher quality.

I’ll be honest, I had no idea before this season Pervis Estupinan was THIS good. How is his absence this season affecting the performance of the team?

I think Estu was a brilliant player he played a huge role last season and he’s having a good year at Villarreal his absence has been noted as I feel that his brilliant delivery has lead to the forwards being limited in attack leading to the previous mentioned lack of goal.

Editor’s Note: Last season, with Estupinan, Osasuna ranked 8th in La Liga in terms of xG and 6th in shots, so the offense really has fallen off a cliff this year. Pervis was second on the team in assists and third in xA.

Osasuna wreaked havoc on UD Tomares in their first Copa Del Rey match. How big of a boost will that be for the confidence of the team and how far to you think they can go in that competition this year?

The 6-0 midweek was a standout performance which I have to say was a lovely result especially given the form and I think the team have to carry this momentum onwards into the Villarreal game on Saturday. We’ll have to wait and see i think we can have a good run in the Copa but its all down to the draw,

Jagoba Arrasate is the manager who brought Osasune back up to La Liga. Is he the man to stick with the rest of this season?

I think Arrásate for now yes but he has questioned on his subs. Taking Rubean off against Valladolid wasn’t the right call but i guess it comes down to the next few games and how well Osasuna do in them. I’m not worried too much about going down but there is every chance we do.

What tactical features of Osasuna should Villarreal fans pay close attention to this weekend?

I guess the main tactical feature of Osasuna is the press and playing wide so I would say that I think the team will need to have to have a good game to break Villarreal down and you never know we could come away with a point or three.

Score prediction for Saturday?

2-2 I think we will see an Osasuna team with confidence and form but I think Villarreal will get a point.

Thanks again to Aedan for speaking with us, be sure to follow him on Twitter @FanOsasuna!