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Villarreal B: In Miguel we trust - Oct 2020

Here we go the monthly review of Villarreal B...

First win this season against La Nucia

Finally, Segunda B began the 20/21 season in a completely new form. Not only the new groups and rules for play-off, but also the pandemic situation causing 17/151 games postponed so far has brought so many challenges for all teams. Luckily, Villarreal B completed three games as scheduled, but as I worried in the Preview, Miguel Alvarez’s team have been struggling to find a way to control the game...


MA formed this team in his favorite 4-2-3-1, with one CM withdrawn when one fullback moves up. So fullbacks are required to have speed and stamina. Maxi Villa is equipped with both and is among the three players who played every minute of the three games. The experienced Uruguayan became a fighter on the right flank both in defense and attacking third. The goal against At. Levante came from his pressing by the way. But individual effort needs collaboration to have impact on the game, which was clearly not maximized. Edu, on the other side, lost his position to Esmo, who did not only finished a penalty for equalizer, but also seemed more active on the ground.

Before the goal, Copete and Dela will no doubt hold the position as one of the most promising centerback duos in Segunda B, though Dela made a mistake against Levante which resulted the goal conceded.

Ros, fully recovered, was appointed as the stopper in front of the duo against La Nucia, which was a signal of MA’s evaluation on Beitia’s performance in first two games. I can’t say who’s better, because it’s only the third game. With Vadik, Ramon, Ramiro and Lanchi in recovery, the players above would have enough time to evolve together.


I can’t wait to talk about Soni, because he’s so controversial. He can miss the penalty, hit the post, dribble to nowhere, and pressing the opponent. He can waste many opportunities while create more with his speed and strength. He’s insane but no one can replace him, even MA. He started in the first game as the front point, moved to the right side to support Fores in the second game, and accompanied Millan who’s returned from injury in the third game. I don’t know what’s the plan that MA have for him. Hope Millan’s return would have some positive influence on him.

Aguero came out as the leader with no surprise, while Hassan came out as the savior making all surprised. Maybe he’s the next Chukwueze.

Final note

4 points in 3 games would be acceptable for MA. His team ranked 5th in Grupo III-B and ended La Nucia’s record of 430 days without a lose at home. The season have just began and Vil B is facing 3 opponents in November: Alcoano at home, Atzeneta away, and Valencia Derby at home. All of them have not won yet, which is a good thing for MA to adjust. Endavant!



J1 - Pena Deportiva 1-0 Vil B

J2 - Vil B 1-1 At. Levante

J3 - La Nucia 1-2 Vil B

Top Player

Goal - 1: Collado; Aguero; Esmo (1p)

Assist - 1: Hassan