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Villarreal femenino: And Villarreal lost

Next match is the derby

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After nine months, since the match against Córdoba played on February 22nd, 2020 of Reto Iberdrola, Villarreal has lost. This time against Real Unión de Tenerife in a match played on the Canary Islands broadcasted by Real Unión at youtube.

The match lacked some sort of rhythm compared to the most recent ones of Villarreal, with no clear team getting the upperhand that would let them win the whole affair. Unión had a solid defensive line that wouldn’t allow Villarreal to use at their best Salma while Sheila dropping back wasn’t helping the matter, in a match that they showed weren’t able to bring their ideas forward. On a set piece, Unión managed to score the first of the morning which would put it more difficult for Villarreal to be the winner

The second half started the same as finished the first, with Villarreal not managing to get a good chance to tie the game, although this time they were being more precise with their passes to Salma, but the defense was ready to counter them. In one of that passes, the goalkeeper picked the ball and put it in the ground to make a long pass which Unión player got to gain possession and beat Elena with a lob shot.

After that, the scoreboard wouldn’t move. Villarreal clearer chance I would say was a direct free kick executed by Salma that was blocked by the goalkeeper and the second shot by Coronel was stopped.

Villarreal comes from a lose 2-0 and will face this weekend the derby against Joventut Almassora, part of Fundació Albinegra of CD Castellón, who come into the match after getting a comeback against Aldaia to get a 4-2 win. Will be a fun match for sure, and if Villarreal win, they will get back the top spot of the group as Unión will rest this jornada.

Villarreal B got a difficult match against Elche. While they went to halftime losing due to a goal by Ines Rizo, who picked a clearance inside the area, Vera Rico with fourteen left on the clock received a good pass that allowed her to get her 5th of the season drawing the game. This leaves them with 10 points, four behind leader Elche. So far, they have started this season better than how it went last time, so it seems they will be looking to be one of the difficult teams in the group.

Villarreal C got their first win, and how, winning 4-0 Biensa with Inés Pallarés scoring a brace. This allows them to get some more away of the relegation spots, a difference they could increase this week as this Wednesday they play the postponed against Rafelbunyol, which should be an easy win, and the weekend they will visit Elche B, the current leader of the league.