Preview on Villarreal B - 20/21

20/21 would be another difficult year for Miguel Alvarez, who would be in this position for the seventh consecutive year. In this piece we will have a quick look at Villarreal B before the new season starting from the next week.


With a top level cantera in Spain, we have witnessed tons of youngsters growing, promoting and leaving.Usually a young player stays at the second team for two years and then has to decide his destination. This summer is an end of a two-year cycle, which is why 20/21 would be another difficult year for MA. Here I summarized the changes of the roster.

- GK

Departures: Fuoli (Sabadell), Josele (Murcia)

Returnees: Marc Vidal

Additions: Filip Jorgensen (Vil C), Iker Alvarez (Juv A)

Two 21-yrs olds left left the club as Cantero did a year ago, while Fuoli has to start from the bench and Josele is still waiting for the new season. Marc Vidal took over the number 1 shirt this summer but was not started for most of the friendlies in these two months. Instead, the 18-yrs old Swedish goalkeeper, coming from Vil C, seems to be the first choice of MA. And the Andorra U21 player Iker would be a backup for Filip.

- CB

Departures: Chakla (Vil), Carlos Blanco (Marbella), Pepe Castano (Tripoli), Jose Manuel (Atezeneta), Javi Fernandez (return to Oviedo), Antonio Leal (loan to Huelva)

Returnees: None

Additions: Ros (Celta), Adrian de la Fuente (Castilla), Copete (return from Pena), Vadik Murria (Vil C)

MA needs to form a whole new defense line this season, especially after losing his captain Carlos Blanco, who appeared in 21 games last season with the highest wining rate (2.05 points per game) in the team. So the club brought two experienced players, Ros and Dela as free agents and promote Vadik, who started for the last three friendlies and scored the wining goal against Atzeneta. But the most promising CB to me is Copete, who was loaned to Pena Deportiva (lose play-offs to CD Castellon) and accumulated 1558 minutes in Segunda B last season. He's even started for Villarreal in pre-season games. The following two years would see the 20-yrs old tall center back becoming the next Albiol, or not.

- Sideback

Departures: Goyo (loan to Badalona), Miguel Leal (loan to Groningen), Andrei Ratiu (loan to ADO)

Returnees: Edu Adell

Additions: Dani Esmoris Tasende (Vil C), Lanchi (Vil C), Maxi Villa (loan from Girona)

Again, sidebacks changed completely. Considering the current players on the first team and their ages, it would be very difficult for Migue and Andrei to return after this season. Edu stays but might spend another year on the bench, since Esmo was given the number 3 shirt in friendlies. Maxi Villa trained with Girona instead of their second team for most of time. So he's secured a spot as a starter for sure. Although Dani Pereiro started against Cornella, he's not registered in Vil B, so we would likely see him jumping between Vil B and Vil C.


Departures: Ivan Martin (loan to Mirandes), Fran Alvarez (Valladoid B), Sergio Lozano (loan to Cartagena)

Returnees: Ramon Bueno, Ramiro

Additions: Andi Bogdan Stalea (return from Guijuelo), Carlos Betia (Vil C), Carlos Adriano (Vil C)

The promising duo Ivan Martin and Lozano went to Segunda for better practice, leaving the oldest duo Ramon (25) and Ramiro (23) behind. Of course, things are different for them. Betia was oftenly called up by MA last year, while now he's officially on MA's hand as a 6. Bogdan played over 1500 minutes with Guijuelo last season, so he would be another trustworthy player for MA. MA also gave Adriano and Antonio Pacheco a lot of time in friendlies, but Pacheco was not registered with Vil B.

- Winger/CAM

Departures: Akale (Pafos)

Returnees: Collado, Baena, Jun-hyuk Ahn, Juan Aguero

Additions: Yeremi Pino (Vil C), Victor Narro (Vil C), Haissem Hassan (Chateauroux)

This would be the last part that MA should be worry about. Collado would secure a spot as he did last year. Baena would follow Emery's order, leaving the position to Ahn and Aguero. The only thing for MA to worry about is how to distribute the minutes to the three new additions, since Yeremi has been considered as the next Spanish star and Hassan was brought from France with a lot of expectation.

- CF

Departures: Edu Espiau (return to Las Palmas), Daniel Villanueva (Granada B), Rafa Mujica (return to Leeds), Simon Moreno (loan to Cartagena)

Returnees: Fer Nino, Alex Millan

Additions: Kevin Soni (loan from Girona), Juan Carlos Arana (Vil C)

This would be the position that MA should worry about. Soni scored only 3 goals last season for Espanyol B and didn't open the can yet in friendlies. But his speed and power would be a threat to create opportunities for the attackers behind. Fer Nino has little experience in the field despite of his unbelievable debut in the first team last year. Millan could be the man and he has scored 3 goals in pre-season. But still, he's only 20 years old and we cannot compare his strength with Edu or Simon.


Due to pandemic situation, Villarreal B played 28 official games in the last season. MA started the season with 4-2-3-1 as usual, but finished the season with 4-4-2 to enhance attacking. But the result says he's doing better with 4-2-3-1 (W7/D3/L3) than 4-2-2 (W6/D3/L5). The team have finished 7 friendlies from September to October (W4/D2/L1). Indicated by the line-ups for two games against Pena Deportiva and Cornella, MA played both with 4-2-3-1. So here's my prediction for line-ups of this new Vil B.

Filip/Esmo, Copete, Ros, Maxi/Betia, Ramon/Collado, Ahn, Aguero/Soni


I'm still trying to figure out how the new Segunda B will be played, especially the two group mode and play-offs. And for this team, we have lots of talents in each rank and three experienced head coaches to guide them. Promotion would be more difficult due to roster change, but it's our goal as always.