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VUSA Podcast #48: Allen and Zach review the Alavés match

ESP: Villarreal CF - Deportivo Alaves. La Liga Santander.
The Master of Ungainly Clearances makes a clearance!
Photo by Omar Arnau/Pressinphoto/Icon Sport via Getty Images

Allen and Zach review the Villarreal CF- Deportivo Alavés match—not so much blow-by-blow, but a look at the formations we used, players we played, how it all worked out—and what it might tell us about what to expect going forward.

(BTW, after we recorded this, I read an interview with Unai Emery after the match where he noted he wanted Kubo to be able to play other places than besides the right—perhaps addressing the overload issue Zach brings up here). Enjoy!