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Villarreal USA Podcast #23—Paco Alcacer Signs For Villarreal!

Robin and new site manager Zach Hicks join Allen to talk about the news.

Spain v Luxembourg - UEFA EURO 2016 Qualifier
We’ve got ‘em both!
Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

This was supposed to be a podcast where I would introduce our new site manager, Zach Hicks, to all of you, but that’ll have to happen next time. The news that we signed Paco Alcacer broke this morning and pretty much took over all else.

Villarreal fans in Spain, at least the ones on social media, have been delighted. Robin isn’t so much, and explains why. Zach and I are pretty excited but wonder what it means for our plans in the summer. By the end of the podcast we’ve moved from Paco through Santy Caceres to Fer Niño to—Brexit. Sort of. Anyway, have a listen!