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Villarreal B wins as do 19 other Yellow Sub sides

Great weekend to be a groguet

Deportivo Alaves v Villarreal CF - La Liga Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Some weekends a club is just on fire and this was it for Villarreal. Twenty teams won, including the men and women’s first teams, as well as Villarreal B’s 2-1 win over Orihuela. B is now 2-0 against Orihuela this season, and with the first team’s victory we’ve beaten Orihuela by a score of 2-1 in all three matches this year. Both goals were scored by Sergio Lozano, a 20 year old central midfielder who has been with the club his entire career.

On other fronts, while the women’s A team continued their indomitable form, it was also a very strong weekend for most of the other femenino sides. Even though B lost to Albacete, C mowed over Mare Nostrum 5-1 and the two younger sides won as well.

The biggest win of the side goes to the ‘Mini B’ side who won 17-0. I have certain questions about whether or not it is efficacious to the training of young footballers to beat someone that badly, but in all likelihood it’s a story those kids will tell the rest of their lives. The fascinating thing about youth sports is the many varied directions the young players will take in their careers. On these young teams, you are lucky if you have one player who makes it to the first team. The rest will spill out of the academy system over the years, take different directions with their lives, and hardly any will still be pursuing pro football past their teens, but the camaraderie and memories built will shape them into the sort of people that will eventually lead their community.

You can read about all the other scores here on the official team website.