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Villarreal fans—Do you want to be a guest on our podcast?

The Villarreal USA podcast is growing steadily!

Villarreal CF v Granada CF - La Liga Photo by Maria Jose Segovia/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Villarreal USA Podcast—Now that we have done a few podcasts, and I am pretty confident in my ability to not screw up things technology-wise, I wanted to give everyone a heads up as to future podcast plans. (I’ll have a new one up Thursday, with Thomas and Lucy from Villarreal’s International Department as the guests.)

My plan going forward is for a weekly podcast which will (among other things) look back at last weekend’s match,as well as preview the next one. (That didn’t happen this time because of travel commitments). Joseph will be around for awhile to join me, but is going to be interning with Villarreal’s marketing group this fall so may not be available as much.

So, I am going to be contacting some of you regular commenters to “appear as guests on the show”. If you already know you’re interested in participating (I saw one person already suggested appearing!) contact me at Be sure to tell me where you are, so I can figure out the time difference with me in California. I can’t promise to get everyone on, but many of us would be interested in learning more about other Villarreal fans who are active on here.

I have approached the club about interviewing players, too, which would be great if that can be arranged (that goes through their press department, and as you can expect they manage that pretty tightly).

I also plan to contact fans of some of the other La Liga sides we’ll be playing, so part of the podcast can be a preview of the upcoming match with insights from someone who knows our opponent very well.

If there are other things you would like to hear, or you have ideas for other guests, let me know. Endavant Villarreal!!