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La Liga challenges the Spanish FA on fixtures, and forbids three clubs from signing players

Carlos Bacca scoring against FC Köln in the rain

It’s bad enough— that La Liga can’t seem to release the exact dates and times of all its matches before the season starts—the best that seems to happen is a few weeks ahead—but now it’s even worse, because the league and the Spanish FA are now arguing about whether games should be played on Fridays and Mondays.

The Spanish FA says not, the league says it’s needed both because there are lucrative TV contracts covering those slots and it gives more time to avoid conflict with Segunda B matches, for instance. The RFEF (Spanish FA) is especially upset because they thought when Friday and Monday matches were agreed to, the plan was to phase them out. Now they are finding out La Liga has no such intention. A judge is supposed to hear arguments next week. All league clubs except for Real Madrid (because, Real Madrid) have supported the Friday and Monday matches, though there was no joint communiqué released.

Meanwhile, La Liga is preventing Malaga, Las Palmas and Granada from registering new players as of today, unless they raise capital or sell players they currently have. Which means Malaga aren’t able to register Okazaki, nor Granada Darwin Machis. The thought is this may finally force the Malaga owner to accept Villarreal’s offer for Javier Ontiveros. We will see.