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Calleja signs up as Villarreal coach for two more years

Expected news.

Villarreal v Valencia - UEFA Europa League Quarter Final : First Leg Photo by Fotopress/Getty Images

Villarreal have announced Javi Calleja will be retained as coach and has signed a two-year contract with the club. This news was expected given Sr. Roig’s comments after we secured safety. The fanbase on twitter (and on here) is somewhat divided about this news, but to be fair, it would have been difficult to go with someone else after Calleja returned and secured our safety.

Hopefully the next two announcements will be that Santi Cazorla has signed a new contract, and we have a new sporting director.

It’s being rumored that we’re looking for someone with more physical presence than Santy Caseres, so he may get loaned out; Javi Fuego might go to Sporting Gijón. Caseres is young and a hard worker, but to me he is a Tomas Pina type of midfielder—someone to work with a Bruno Soriano, not to take his place. Remember when we signed Santy we were expecting Bruno to return, and that never happened. Now we are looking to have Bruno rework his contract (or possibly buy him out of it if he decides to admit he is retiring) and want to give Santy more playing time elsewhere, presumably saving some salary at least.