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Villarreal will host soccer camps in Miami

Any Floridians reading this post with soccer-playing kids, you know what to do!!

Villarreal will be hosting two soccer camps in Miami, Florida this year. The first is called the Miami Yellow Summer Camp and will happen in late July—participants (both girls and boys) will get five days of training (20 hours in all), with youth coaches from Villarreal present to run the camp just as if it were in Spain—Marcos Senna will be there to run the masterclass. (Three participants will win a weeklong stay in Vila-real, practicing with our youth teams).

A more intensive camp is also planned in Miami—this one in November—called the Miami Yellow Elite Camp. This one is designed to be an intensive soccer learning event, with eight hours of training over two days.

With those camps, a high premium will be placed on fun, realizing that most of these kids won’t be pursuing soccer careers—but obviously Villarreal will be working on identifying young talent, too.

If any of our readers are interested in attending themselves (or having their kids attend), there is more information and how to register for either camp on the team’s website, here.

Unfortunately I think I am well past the upper age limit (19). Oh well, I can dream!

It’s worth pointing out that unlike the various academies that Villarreal has set up, these camps are different—essentially bringing Villarreal’s youth philosophy and training ‘across the pond’ to Miami. It’s a big undertaking; I know most of us don’t pay a lot of attention to the ‘campus y torneos’ section of the Villarreal website, but there is a lot of information about the team’s youth activities on there—it would be an impressive list of activities for any football club, but especially for a team based in a smallish town in eastern Spain. A reminder, if any were needed, that Villarreal CF is not just about first-team football.