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EPM reports Chukwueze release clause is €63m

with a unilateral option to make it €70m

Villarreal CF v Real Madrid CF - La Liga Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Another Samu Chukwueze goal—this one against Barcelona—has renewed questions about whether the Nigerian starlet could be plucked away from Villarreal easily during the summer. The answer would appear to be no, or at least, not cheaply—according to today’s local paper, Samu’s recission clause is now €63m, and Villarreal can up it to €70m without needing to renegotiate Samu’s contract.

Samu was set to go to Arsenal but a dispute between his Nigerian club and the Gunners about the terms of payments resulted in the deal falling through, and Villarreal stepped in and paid €500,000 for his rights. (I would assume the Nigerian club would get some of any transfer fee in the future, but I don’t know that).

EPM also reports we have a €30m figure on Manu Morlanes right now, and that is likely to be increased too. Morlanes joined Villarreal’s academy from Real Zaragoza’s at age 13—what happened was that Zaragoza needed to raise money after their relegation, and they chose to sell Morlanes—Villarreal paid less than €500,000 for him.

After losing Rodri for only €20m, and after several cantera youngsters were approached to sign a professional contract with another side and did so (Sr. Roig is still quite upset about this), Villarreal is clearly going to be more aggressive about trying to hold onto their young talent. Which is a good thing.