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Villarreal first team is paying to bus fans to Levante

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And more Villarreal news, too.

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Villarreal CF

Villarreal’s supporter groups (penyas) often arrange travel to grounds near us, but this time the desplacement has a different feel. Following a suggestion on twitter by a Villarreal fan in the area, the first team has stepped up and is paying to transport Villarreal fans to the Ciutat de Valencia ground on Sunday. The supporters have to pay for a ticket (€15), the only problem is Levante only provided 400 away tickets.

Meanwhile, Villarreal is moving forward on the sporting director front. As discussed last month, it is clear that we need someone to take over the role Cordon used to have. Marca reports we are interested in Sergio Fernández, whose contract at Alavés ends this term and is unlikely to be extended. Ex-Sevilla man Monchi is now available, too, having left Roma in the face of their CL defeat this week. Would Villarreal be an appealing challenge after Sevilla and Roma? I doubt it, but I’ve been wrong before.

Regardless of who is hired, there is a real need to fix the apparent disconnect between the scouting department, with a strength in scouting young players in emerging leagues, while we’ve been signing players from Serie A, Portugal, France and EPL (Sansone, Soriano, Semedo, Toko Ekambi, Unal).

One area where we have not been putting a lot of resources is at the Segunda level—many other clubs work that market far more than we do. Fernández might help with that. But I suspect whoever is hired, there will be some revamping of responsibilities and priorities in our player evaluation area.

And finally, you might enjoy this article on La Liga salaries. Is the gap closing? Well, not much. The top three getting 55% of the pie vs. 61% is modest progress at best.