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Congratulations to Villarreal’s Feminino A!

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Our top ladies’s side will be part of the new Primera B next season.

Villarreal Ladies celebrate promotion to the new Primera B next season.
Villarreal CF

A big win for Villarreal’s top ladies side today—they defeated Levante’s B team 3-1 and as a result are guaranteed to finish in the top four of their Segunda regional group (group 7). Next year the ladies’ leagues will be expanded with a new “Primera B” , into which Villarreal will slot.

At present, the only league below the ladies’ Primera is a Segunda, which is regionalized with seven groups, rather like the Tercera. Villarreal’s group is actually one of the more competitive ones—Valencia B currently lead on 54 points, Alhama and Villarreal are on 51, and Levante B is on 48. But at the bottom, there are three teams with 11 points are less.

Some of the other regional groups have a much wider range of quality. The Canary islands one is the wildest—CD Femarguín have a 24-0-1 record, with a goal difference of +259, while at the bottom, poor Vallinámar are 0-0-25 with 5 goals scored and a goal difference of -284. Moving to a Primera B will increase travel, but it will provide more even competition for sure.

Congratulations, ladies!!!