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Gerard Moreno injured in practice yesterday

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Hopefully not much, but we’ll see.

Villarreal CF v Rangers - UEFA Europa League Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

Gerard Moreno came up lame yesterday with what has been diagnosed as a grade 1 elongation in one of the muscles of his right leg. Hopefully some rest will help and he’ll be ready to go against Celta in a week’s time.

Ironic since Gerard did not join the Catalan ‘national’ side that is playing this week, because Villarreal’s insurance cover only extends to our players with FIFA-recognized national teams, not unofficial ones like Catalunya.

And of course very disappointing timing given that Gerard has finally looked like the player we thought we were getting the last couple of matches—his confidence is back and his finishing has been great. Still, we’ll see, he may well at least be able to be on the bench in 8 days time.