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Levante—Villarreal GAMETHREAD and HOW TO WATCH

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How to watch: At least in the US, the entire match is available only on BeInSports’ streaming channel, which you can get on fuboTV. (The Spanish language broadcast on their second main channel will cover both our match and the SevillaReal Sociedad one).

The lineup for Villarreal:

Asenjo; Funes Mori, Ruiz, Mario, Jaume Costa, Caceres, Iborra, Santi, Pedraza, Toko Ekambi, Gerard. It looks like a 4-4-2 with Mario and Jaume C as the fullbacks, but we’ll have to see how they line up.

Bench: Andrés; Fornals, Bacca, M. Llambrich, Morlanes, Samu C, Quintillà.

No Levante lineup yet, but I am sure someone can post it in the comments.

Let’s DO THIS. Endavant Villarreal, vamos submarino, vamos campeón!!