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Villarreal make no deadline day moves

But Bruno reemerges for a press conference today!

Villarreal CF v Real Madrid CF - La Liga Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Yesterday was the quietest end to a January transfer window we’ve had in a couple of years. Vicente Iborra in for €10m in midmonth and Miguel Layun out for €4m in the last week, that was it. Supposedly we tried to pick up a centerback but Sevilla nixed that, so we stayed pat.

Of course, it’s been a strange week with the rehiring of Javi Calleja, and at least the local press has been talking about the reemergence of Fernando Roig, taking control and making clear he has made the decisions that will, for better or worse, define the rest of our season. If nothing else, Sr. Roig’s press conference let everyone know he is not afraid of the Segunda, which maybe is something we needed to hear.

The other reemergence—today—was of Bruno Soriano. He appeared before the microphones in the press room mostly to emphasize how important it was that the fans come and support the team on Sunday, but also just to be seen by the fans. He is the acknowledged captain of the squad by the fanbase, for sure. He did say he has problems with a tendon in his left knee that prevent him from being on the pitch.

The teams around us were far more active this week in bringing in players. It could be we had no money available for signings—it could also be that Sr. Roig’s message to the players we have was simple: you are good enough to get us out of this mess, now DO IT.

Huesca won today over Valladolid (4-0!) though at this point how other teams do is less important than how we do. As El Zico noted in a comment, we need a win Sunday not just for three points, but to build on. We’ll see how we go.