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Happy Holidays from Villarreal USA!

And what to expect in the next few months, I hope.

Villarreal flag Allen Dodson

It’s been an interesting year for Villarreal USA, and for Villarreal CF. Can’t say as it has been totally fun—I never like having to write “what we have to do to stay up” posts. But the good, as always, has outweighed the bad!!

As I mentioned before, I was hoping to pull back in a year or so from the site anyway—still be around, but find someone else to do the day-to-day running of things. That’s been accelerated by the news from SBN this month.

I don’t yet know much more about the future of the site than I did then—there are a couple of people who have expressed potential interest, and have good knowledge of Villarreal (one especially does) but SBN have to decide what commitment they want to require of the site manager if it remains part of SBN, and I don’t know exactly when the changeover date would be. SBN haven’t required that much of me and have been quite happy to let us bump along doing our thing, and I hope that can continue.

For the moment, all I know is that in the January-March period, I will need to post less often than I have done to stay under the submission limit the law requires. I don’t think After March, I will still be around (well, actually I won’t be for about a month toward the end of the season). So

I do know that the podcast can continue as is, assuming that SBN wants to keep Villarreal USA as part of their network of blogs. I’m hopeful they will. If they don’t, then we will have to figure out what a plan B would look like.

With the end of a decade (and sort of the end of an era, I guess) I will be putting up some ‘looking back’ posts between now and the New Year—before they start counting against my post limit!

As far as Villarreal itself is concerned, the players are off now until December 30, when they return to training ahead of the match at Anoeta vs. Real Sociedad on January 5.

Best wishes to all for a joyful holiday season!