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Power Ranking

Let’s talk numbers

Greetings. Today I want to show you one of my hobbies. This is a project I’ve been doing with a Canadian friend, a way of measuring the value of the goals for a team. Using the result of the match, you use a formula to calculate the weight each one of the goals have for the team, and also a way to compare a goalscorer value. You value more putting your team ahead than tying the game, and less valued scoring in a losing situation, but at the same time, running up the score won’t get you higher values as it’s not the same doing the 1-0 than the 5-0. Without further ado, here’s the breakdown so far of Villarreal scorers:

No surprise here as Gerard Moreno takes the lead, showing he can be the goalscorer leader of the team. Maybe we can talk about the difference between Toko Ekambi and Cazorla. Why is so? Cazorla scored 2 of his 5 on losing situations. As I said, putting your team ahead is valued more, and doing that first goal for putting your team ahead (a 2-1 scoring after the tie counts too) and in that part Toko Ekambi did 4 goals while Cazorla 3. So Gerard Moreno and Toko Ekambi leads the standings on that stat.

Another number I have put there is the point per goal. That means right now, how much a goal of that player is valued. While for players as Zambo Anguissa doesn’t mean anything, for our top 3 is important as can be used to see which player is carrying the team towards the 3 points based only on goals if we compare it to Villarreal’s own. The whole team right now gets 0,50 points per goal scored so we can safely say Toko Ekambi is essentialy the one that carries the team, while Gerard Moreno too, he’s near that border. Cazorla shows he’s important as a scorer and fails shy of meeting the deadline

Having talked Villarreal’s results, where would Gerard Moreno rank taking into account the whole league? Well, let’s see the top 10 players of La Liga

As we can see with the top 10, this is more of a quality of goals rather than quantity. Benzema started strong and it shows as the leader, but Messi has been doing great jornadas to propel himself to second position. Nobody would have thought of Raúl García as the top Athletic player but here he is to close the top 3. In case you wonder, you need to get to the 20th to see Gerard Moreno.

Hope you enjoyed this and hoping to bring updates on this