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Villarreal—Athletic Club GAMETHREAD and HOW TO WATCH

if you’re in the US, a pot of coffee would help.

How to watch: BeINSport has the match on both their English and Spanish main channels in the US.

Reminder: the match starts at 5AM California time, 8AM Eastern time—and set your clocks back!

I’m hoping our cats will get me up in plenty of time for the game itself, though hopefully not for the announcement of the starting lineups an hour before!! So I encourage someone who IS up and on here to post them when they’re announced.

One thing we do know is that Unai López is definitely out for the visitors, so expect Mikel San José to start for them.

Best wishes to my friends from the Peña Athletic Club California, who have been over in Bilbao. But I hope we take three points today, and we can watch our match in San Mamés together in our favorite San Francisco pub at the end of February, Tebas and the good Lord willing. Endavant Villarreal!!